Importance of HIPAA

HIPAA is one of the most important legislation formulations that was done in the medical industry. The introduction of HIPAA led to very many benefits in the medical industry. HIPAA normally stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. The legislation was formulated in the year of 1996. The people who mostly face the benefits associated with HIPAA are the patients and the medical practitioners. The main reason why HIPAA was formed is to reduce and get rid of the fraud that happened in the medical industry. It is because the act is known to protect the medical information about the patients attending the medical facilities. With the help of the act, the unauthorised hands are unable to access the information about the patients.

The introduction of the hippa certified act led to the introduction of digital electrical devices for the storage of medical information. It meant that the medical facilities did not need to use the paper records anymore. With the transition of the medical facilities from paper record to digital electronic devices helped reduce the theft and fraud cases that were being reported in the medical field. There is a significant number of benefits that the patients face due to the formation of HIPAA.

Some of the benefits of HIPAA to the patients include the safeguarding of their medical information. Since HIPAA helps related medical facilities to ensure the medical information of any patient does not fall into unauthorised hands. As a result of this, patients do not need to worry about the safety of their information. The implementation of HIPAA led to the formation of rules that governed the sharing of the patient’s information. It means that not anyone can access the information of the patients unless the rules and regulations favour them. The rules and regulation that were set showed the people who can gain access to the patient information when the need arises. View here for more details about HIPAA.

With the help of HIPAA, patients can now be active about their medical health. It is because HIPAA rules and regulations allow the patients to access their medical information. Once the patients have accessed the medical information, they can be to do something to improve their medical condition. Also, when the patient has accessed the medical information, they can note the mistakes made and inform the medical practitioners. The medical practitioners can then correct their mistakes in the patient’s document. Another benefit of HIPAA is that it allows medical information to be shared with another medical facility. Sharing of the medical information among the medical facilities ensures the tests are not repeated. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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